Can you be 'super-immune' to COVID-19? Here's what doctors say. - Foster's Daily Democrat

Can you be 'super-immune' to COVID-19? Here's what doctors say. - Foster's Daily Democrat

Aug 10, 2022 1 min, 26 secs

Is it possible that some people may be immune to the virus?

Vandara Madhavan, clinical director of pediatric infectious disease at Mass General for Children, said there are two different mechanisms, leading to thoughts on why some people seem to not get COVID-19 even after repeated close contact with infected people, even family members they live with.

The second thought, said Madhavan, is that in certain people an intrinsic part of their being is capable of acting naturally to repel the virus.

"For whatever reason, and we do not know what that is at this point, these people are not getting infected, possibly because their immune system is already revved up by a different infection they cleared," she said.

David Itkin, a Seacoast area infectious disease expert, said having certain people appear to be immune to a particular virus is not new.

Itkin said in his scenario, the two people probably have developed pre-existing immunity from a previous infection, so they are now relatively resistant to the new exposure.

Itkin said some believe they are immune because they had a previous exposure unmarked by them because it was such a mild case?

Itkin said COVID-19 is a complex virus and about 40% of the population have been non-symptomatic. .

Definitely the question of super-immunity is a "big shrug of the shoulders," Madhavan said, because there is no answer and people need to remain vigilant.

Itkin said he is not ready yet to say a person can be immune to the COVID-19 virus

"I'd be more likely to go out on a limb and say the people who think they are immune have been exposed and have successfully fought off a mild case," he said

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