CDC director maintains feds are 'following the science' amid booster shot controversy ; points to new vote - Fox News
Sep 25, 2021 1 min, 12 secs

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky told Fox News on Friday her bureau is "absolutely following the science" on coronavirus vaccine booster shots, after an uproar over President Biden's planned rollout was suddenly dashed by a near-unanimous FDA advisory council vote against recommending boosters for the general population.

"We are absolutely following the science...

And we are updating our guidance every single day and following the science," said Walensky, who led the infectious disease unit at Massachusetts General Hospital prior to her appointment by Biden.

Baier noted that the FDA advisory council voted 16-2against recommending the general population receive the booster shot, and that they later did vote to however suggest the auxiliary jab for the immunocompromised and senior citizens.

And following the science, following the safety, I made the decision to go along with what the FDA said and with many of what our advisory board said," she said.

When asked about the efficacy of natural immunity to COVID – that which comes from a human body that has developed antibodies after fighting the virus – Walensky said it was an important subject that is being "actively scientifically followed.".

We have also seen data that if you vaccinate those people, they're two and a half times more protected than they would have been if you don't vaccinate those people," Walensky responded in that regard

"And that's the reason for the recommendation to vaccinate people who have infection-induced immunity."

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