Celebrities who had polio: Mia Farrow, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Alan Alda - Insider

Celebrities who had polio: Mia Farrow, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Alan Alda - Insider

Celebrities who had polio: Mia Farrow, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Alan Alda - Insider
Aug 12, 2022 1 min, 24 secs

Renowned artist Frida Kahlo contracted polio in 1913.

Although she was not paralyzed like other polio sufferers, Kahlo's right leg was left noticeably shorter and thinner than her left one, and ulcers would plague her foot in the years that followed.

"I perhaps am more motivated than most people because I had polio myself and it was a real struggle to come through it," Farrow told the New York Post in 2000, speaking about a UNICEF campaign to eradicate the disease by 2005.

He said he was hospitalized for two weeks and underwent six months of therapy, which involved having "nearly scalding" hot blankets wrapped around his limbs every hour.

That was a sign of polio," he said.

Joni Mitchell contracted polio as a child in the early 1950s and later saw a resurgence of her symptoms, she shared in 1995.

"I had polio at the age of 9," Mitchell told Star magazine.

At the age of 5, Neil Young contracted polio and was hospitalized at Toronto's Sick Children's Hospital in 1951, the singer wrote in his memoir, Waging Heavy Peace!

Francis Ford Coppola had polio at age 9 and was paralyzed for about a year and a half, the New Hollywood director and screenwriter shared in 1988.

The award-winning filmmaker contracted polio in 1947 and spent a long time on bed rest, he told the New York Times.

''When you had polio then, nobody brought their friends around; I was kept in a room by myself, and I used to read and occupy myself with puppets and mechanical things and gadgets; we had a tape recorder, a TV set and things like that.''.

His diagnosis came as a surprise, since most cases of polio were diagnosed in infancy or childhood

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