Charles Hurt: Bob Woodward's 'Smoking Gun' Trump Interviews Move Book Sales, Not Votes
Sep 15, 2020 1 min, 1 sec
Trump made back in February as the federal government began grappling with the emerging global pandemic sparked in a “wet market” in China.

“Historians are going to be writing about the lost month of February for tens of years.”?

And what, pray tell, oh great Oracle of Deep Throat, will historians be writing about the month of January.

You know, that month that comes BEFORE February, when Democrats in Congress shut down an entire branch of the federal government to pursue a hopeless, partisan impeachment against Mr.

And, master of Deep Throat fantasy, will those historians write books in which they make up quotes in fictionalized scenes that may or may not have happened?

You know, the way that you make up quotes in fictionalized scenes that may or may not have happened.

How about you check in with Deep Throat in a darkened below-ground parking garage and let us know what you find out.

Or maybe you should consult your fellow Deep Throat enthusiast, Carl Bernstein, who hasn’t quite been able to convert his Woodstein fame into a career of fictional quotation books the way you have.

And then it is all shoe-horned into a book of made-up quotes and fictionalized scenes.

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