Cincinnati mass shooting: 9 wounded in front of OTR bar - The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati mass shooting: 9 wounded in front of OTR bar - The Cincinnati Enquirer

Aug 07, 2022 1 min, 16 secs

Nine people were wounded when a shooting exploded in a crowd in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine early Sunday morning, police said.

"Our police officer responded with heroic and immediate action," the mayor said.

Mike John said it is unclear if any of the suspects were among the nine wounded but encouraged anyone with information about what happened to report it to police.

Cincinnati Police Officer Joseph Shook fired one round at one of the shooting suspects who then fled, John said.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, the large crowd remained and police were struggling to make way for medics, John said.

Cincinnati City Councilman Scotty Johnson is a former police officer.

He said a small number of people cannot seem to solve their problems or disputes without reaching for a gun.

Johnson said the people and business owners in Over-the-Rhine do not deserve to become victims due to these individuals' "ridiculous beefs.".

He called for "personal accountability." He said people need find better ways to settle their arguments and anyone who knows anything about what happened should come forward to police with the information.

"We are a better city than this," Johnson said.

Pureval said the city will keep exploring options to expand conflict resolution programs and has already funded new police recruit classes.

The mayor said more and more of the gun violence in the city is not centered around drug trafficking, which is a big shift from the past.

"We need people to call the police when they're having a disagreement," he said.

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