‘Come Play’ Film Review: Middling Monster Movie Lacks Metaphor, Meaning - TheWrap
Oct 28, 2020 1 min, 49 secs

There’s a monster in “Come Play” that no one can quite grab, and if there’s an underlying metaphor for that monster, writer-director Jacob Chase (adapting his short film) has similar difficulties getting his arms around any deeper meaning.

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On a basic, spooky level, there’s an idea for a movie here, but as “Come Play” proceeds, it feels more and more like Chase is baiting-and-switching us with ideas that never come to fruition.

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One resounding success in “Come Play” is Larry himself, presented here as a practical effect rather than a digital one; the spiny, unsettling puppet is a creation of Gary Pawlowski of the Jim Henson Creature Shop, with creature effects artist Emily Fiora Parks and special effects coordinator Hudson Kenny, not to mention the team of puppeteers that bring him to shambling, grabby life.

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If “Come Play” successfully mounted itself as a fright machine or otherwise effective genre exercise, then there wouldn’t be time to sit through it asking questions about its intent or deeper meaning.

Lest we forget, Halloween is more than just jump scares and "slutty (insert profession here)" costumes.

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Lest we forget, Halloween is more than just jump scares and "slutty (insert profession here)" costumes

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