Coronavirus in Wisconsin: Over 900 cases for third day; 1.5 million fully vaccinated - WSAW
Apr 15, 2021 1 min, 19 secs
The Wisconsin Department of Health Services say it received 5,891 results for people being tested for the first time or testing positive for the first time.

The 7-day average for new cases declined for the first time in two weeks, from 823 to 809 cases per day.

The 7-day average for the positivity rate for all test results, including people tested multiple times, was unchanged at 3.8%, where it’s been since March 8.

Since February 5, 2020, the DHS reports 3,377,182 people in Wisconsin were tested at least once for the coronavirus.

The Department of Health Services reports 56 more people were hospitalized for COVID-19 in the past 24-hour period, which is in line with the 7-day average of 60 hospitalizations per day.

Taking discharges and deaths into account, the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) reports 293 COVID-19 patients are currently hospitalized, with 76 in ICU.

Hospitals in the Northeast region are treating 32 COVID-19 patients, the same as Wednesday, with 5 in ICU, which is 1 patient more than the day before.

For hospital readiness, the WHA reports there are 240 ICU beds available in the state’s hospitals, or 16.4% of all ICU beds.

These beds are for all patients, not just COVID-19.

THURSDAY’S COUNTY CASE AND DEATH TOTALS (counties with new cases or deaths are indicated in bold) *.

* Cases and deaths are from the daily DHS COVID-19 reports, which may differ from local health department numbers.

The DHS reports cases from all health departments within a county’s boundaries, including tribal, municipal and county health departments; county websites may not.

The CDC also advised vaccinated people to get tested if they develop symptoms that could be related to COVID-19.

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