Coronavirus second wave: High viral load, new symptoms, here is how the second wave looks different from the first - Times of India
Apr 07, 2021 2 mins, 50 secs

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The second wave of COVID, which has hit India is causing a wide surge of infections

With cases having crossed the 1-lakh mark over the recent days (April 04), experts are now worrying that not only will the second wave reimpose the need for restrictions, it could also be much worse than the first one

Be it the discovery of the double mutant variation or the lax precautions, there is emerging evidence that the second wave of infections is spreading at a much-higher intensity than last year

While complacent behaviour and the emergence of newer, scarier COVID mutations have added to the worries, doctors in the country are also reporting a change in the way the infection is causing symptoms

From unusual signs to increased hospitalizations, the latest medical findings from the state of Gujarat, which, too, is battling with a heavy COVID surge right now is proof of the many ways India’s second COVID wave is much different than the first one

The newer, mutating COVID strains, including the Brazilian and the Kent variants are said to be quite stronger and spawning the capability to cause more symptoms and attack the vital organs more profoundly

According to current research which has emerged from hospitals across India, people testing positive for the virus are now also reporting different viral symptoms, unlike the classic signs and symptoms of COVID-19

Other symptoms increasingly seen in COVID+ patients include joint pain, myalgia, gastrointestinal complications, weakness and loss of appetite

Interestingly, unusual signs and detection of vague symptoms apart from a COVID-fever or cough were also highlighted during the second, third wave of infections that hit the UK and other European countries in the recent months

While there can be a lot of reasons behind a higher viral load, a high number is usually seen as a sign of the infection progressing

In case of COVID-19, a higher viral load could also impact the transmission rate of the contagion

As being witnessed right now, people testing positive for the virus are also showcasing a high viral load, which could further mean that the rate of infection, and perhaps reinfection could be higher too

The new surge in the COVID-19 cases is matter of great concern and it is but in our hands to contain the spread of the virus

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