Court Says Damon Dash Can’t Sell NFT of Jay-Z’s First Album... For Now - Gizmodo
Jun 22, 2021 1 min, 23 secs

I must take a break from our normal coverage to talk about investigative reporting organization Project Veritas, a group of proud, MAGA patriots who I have coincidentally been attempting to email for the last several hours.

In the past week, two local TV reporters (the totally normally named Ivory Hecker and April Moss) broke from doing their jobs to declare their allegiances to the organization live on-air and inform viewers they’ll be working with Project Veritas to uncover behind-the-scenes banal business and editorial decisions corruption at their stations.

Trump is planning to revalue the Iraqi dinar to pre-Gulf War levels.

He’s planning to revalue the Iraqi dinar to pre-Gulf War levels.

Trump revalues the Iraqi dinar to pre-Gulf War levels—something he can do with a simple stroke of his pen, as a special reward for his most loyal supporters—every Iraqi dinar you currently hold will be worth over 4,441% more.

The next minute they’d turn around and say, “The Iraqi Dinar is an even bigger Ponzi scheme than Piss Coin.” That second explanation made it clear they’re in the pocket of Big Piss Coin, but that only scratched the surface of what I’d find.

But Gizmodo won’t tell you that all currency is now a form of technology and thus the imminent revaluation of the Iraqi dinar to pre-Gulf War levels is the biggest story in technology today.

I’d like to thank Project Veritas and James O’Keefe for, what I assume, upfront, will be their generous assistance in exposing Gizmodo for the “President Donald J.

Trump will revalue the Iraqi dinar to pre-Gulf War levels” denialists they are.

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