COVID-19 delta variant in Ohio: What doctors want you to know - WLWT Cincinnati
Jun 17, 2021 48 secs

Just as you and your circle are free of health restrictions and packing places once again, a variant named after the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet has the attention of the medical community.

Doctors emphasized if you're vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna, you are pretty well protected from delta and that two doses are better than one.

Stephen Feagins, Chief Clinical Officer at Mercy Health and Medical Director for the Hamilton County Health Department wants you to think about:.

But if you're one of those fewer people, it matters to you," Fichtenbaum said.

So, doctors are not surprised by the way the delta variant has shown itself in at least 80 countries, according to the World Health Organization.

Hamilton County Health Director Greg Kesterman stated there are about 1,900 active cases of COVID-19 in Hamilton County right now.

"So, your chances of getting COVID are still great here in any county if you're not vaccinated and not taking precautions," Kesterman said.

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