Covid can infect penis tissue and cause impotence, scientists claim -
May 12, 2021 58 secs

The widespread blood vessel dysfunction, known as endothelial dysfunction, that results from the Covid-19 infection could contribute to erectile dysfunction, scientists said.

Dr Ramasamy and his colleagues collected penile tissue from two men with a history of Covid-19 infection who underwent penile prosthesis surgery.

They found Covid was in the penile tissue of both men who had been infected, but not in the men with no history of the virus.

Dr Ramasamy said: ‘This suggests that men who develop Covid-19 infection should be aware that erectile dysfunction could be an adverse effect of the virus, and they should go to a physician if they develop ED symptoms.”.

The authors theorised that similar to other Covid-related complications, widespread infection and subsequent endothelial dysfunction could result in erectile dysfunction, and that worsening of the condition could be due to the virus’s presence in the penile tissue itself.

In a previously published study, Dr Ramasamy and Miller School colleagues found that the virus can also invade testis tissue in some men who are infected, which might be the first step in understanding the it’s potential impact on male fertility and whether Covid can be sexually transmitted?

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