Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Is Apparently Much More Than A Remaster, But Not A "Complete Remake" - Nintendo Life

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Is Apparently Much More Than A Remaster, But Not A "Complete Remake" - Nintendo Life

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Is Apparently Much More Than A Remaster, But Not A
Aug 07, 2022 5 mins, 57 secs

If you weren't already overloaded with some amazing RPG experiences on Switch, this winter, Square Enix will also be releasing the action-RPG Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion on the hybrid platform.

We've previously heard how it's going to go "way beyond" a remaster, but just how far will it go.

Apparently, it's "really complicated" to define but is "much more than a remaster" rather than a complete remake.

I think the product is more close to the definition of a remaster, as the story wasn’t changed at all and it’s always the same game.

On the technical side, however, the graphics have been completely renewed, the models have been remade from scratch, many scenes that in the original were only subtitled are now dubbed, and also the combat system has been updated.

It’s really complicated, as it’s much more than a remaster, but at the same time is not a complete remake.”.

So, there you have it - it's a bit of both, but doesn't go the whole yard in terms of being a "complete remake"?

If you're not entirely familar with this release, it made its debut on the PSP in 2007 and is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII starring Zach Fair - an important character in the FFVII mythos:.

Doesn’t remake just mean they did just that? Remade the game? Demon souls ps5 counts as a remake even tho everything is the same, even down to the original gameplay..

So basically it's a 'rema': not quite a remake but also not quite a remaster, falling into the grey area between. I've never been the biggest into FF myself but this rema certainly interests me..

1) The graphics on the PSP original were designed on a screen with 240 vertical lines. That’s a big jump from what we have on consoles today and I’m happy that the cutscenes are being upgraded..

2) After playing through the FFVII Remake, I was hoping they wouldn’t change the ending to Crisis Core, which Remake alluded to?

It's a remaster, then.

This project is apart of the ff7 universe and story, I don’t see how it’s a waste of time.

This idea that a remake means the story and gameplay need to see drastic changes is getting really irritating.

If the game's rebuilt from the ground up, it's a remake?

It doesn't matter if it's super faithful to the original, they still remade it from scratch?

A remaster uses the original game as a base and just polishes it?

Well clearly the FFVII remake teams needs all hands on deck to help speed up production.

The original release of Crisis Core wasn't well received and only sold 2 million copies.

It's so funny how this company has absolutely no idea about the definition of a remake vs remaster vs reboot.

he says that it's not a remake because the story doesn't change at all.

But if the changed the story it would be less of a remake and more of a reboot.

a remaster would basically just be an update to the original game making it look and maybe run better.

A reboot would be if they made a new reimagined version from scratch, only using some core ideas from the original.

But since it’s like @ReaperMelia said, it should have a impact on the remake chapter 2’s release.

Considering Final Fantasy VII Remake is actually a sequel, yes, this studio has no idea what these terms mean.

Unless they do and they're just trolling us, which they definitely were with Final Fantasy VII Remake.

I’d say FFVII remake wasn’t actually a remake cause it was a different game.

When you remaster a film or an album, you go back to the original master recordings and re-scan, re-mix, etc.

It's not a perfect correlation, but I've always considered a game remaster to be something that involves going back to original assets and reworking them.

I'll grant that you may use new textures, tweak physics or even record new music and effects, but there really needs to be some elements from the original there besides the story and gameplay.

But I would say that a remaster is fundamentally untrue if they are in rebuilding the game from scratch (which they obviously are just based on the massive graphical differences) so this is factually just a remake.

But I guess they're being a bit loose with the terminology since FFVII remake itself is based so much on being a notably different experience that isn't just FFVII rebuilt with nicer graphics, so calling this a remake would potentially bring up expectations that shouldn't be there.

@Snatcher personally I count the demon's souls 'remake' as a remaster as the game was almost identical to the original.

Remakes to me are games that are remade from the ground up like resident evil 2 and 3, final fantasy 7 etc.

I do not really like the direction FF VII Remake is going.

I get the feeling that this new Crisis Core might 're-mix' some of the original story beats, so that an adjusted/new narrative fits better with the next installment of FFVIIR..

Just say it’s a from the ground up remake but it’s going to largely stick to the template of the original with some changes here and there

Twilight Princess HD is a remaster, Link’s Awakening is a remake, even with it being as 1:1 with the original as possible

@steventonysmith How was Crisis Core not well received

It’s got 83 on Metacritic and 85 on user reviews

If you haven’t played it and like action RPGs, it’s an interesting one

why always talk like make people confusing..if just remaster than remaster

I know what Crisis Core is I've played it and I can promise you it's not worth anyone's time

Also part 2 of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not the last part of the remake

@steventonysmith @SuperPotato316 on the other hand I have played Crisis Core and think its a really good game with an extremely strong and emotional story

And I think it’s absolutely worth the time of any Final Fantasy fan

If it’s using the original codebase with just some tweaks for the new graphics I’d call it a remaster

If they’ve written a new engine and have also remade a lot of the assets I’d say it’s a remake, even if the story is the same

However, based on the comments here and feedback in general, there were so much changes from the original FF7 that it's difficult to consider it a remake since its almost entirely different

The short time I played I don't even know what it was since it reminded me very little of the original FF7

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