Cruz Urges GOP to 'Grow a Backbone,' 'Stand Up' to 'Woke' Corporate America
May 02, 2021 54 secs

“[I] think wokeness is trying to destroy America, and we’re seeing whether it’s the corporate media or big business, we are seeing woke corporations that are engaged as the political enforcers of the radical left, and are trying to silence or trying to cancel.

This week, I wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on big companies and woke corporations, and I made a commitment this week that I am no longer accepting even one penny from any corporate PAC.

Look, I’ve been standing against the cronyism and corporate welfare a long time, but I’m urging my colleagues in the Republican Party to stand against the cronyism and corporate welfare as well.

That is, because if we’re not going to take the money from the corporate PACs, we’ve got to rely instead to communicate our message on individual Americans all across the country who are supporting us to the tune of $10.00 or $25.00 or $50.00.

And I think the Republican Party needs to grow a backbone and stand up to woke corporate America.

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