Das Keyboard MacTigr review: Finally, a true Mac mechanical - Ars Technica

Das Keyboard MacTigr review: Finally, a true Mac mechanical - Ars Technica

Das Keyboard MacTigr review: Finally, a true Mac mechanical - Ars Technica
Aug 16, 2022 1 min, 0 secs

More often than not, mechanical keyboards come with Windows layouts and USB-A connectors, ignoring the many MacBook users with no USB-A ports and the macOS users craving Option and Command keys.

Das Keyboard, a Metadot sub-brand founded in 2005, released the MacTigr mechanical keyboard today to help balance the scales, listing macOS as the board's only supported operating system.

Many mechanical keyboards say they'll work with Macs, but their Windows keys and USB-A cables paint Apple computer support as an afterthought.

As simple a consideration as this may seem, it's still uncommon among mechanical keyboards, though some boards include keycaps for Windows and macOS users.

Unlike other Mac-first keyboards I've tested lately, like the Keychron K14, the MacTigr has other important non-Apple controls, like display brightness controls, a sleep button, media control via flat buttons, and a notched knob.

Das does not recommend using the MacTigr on any OS besides macOS and lists the keyboard as "macOS only.".

Also, the MacTigr does not have either a Windows or Ctrl keys, so we would not recommend using the MacTigr on a PC Windows device.".

I used the MacTigr with a Windows device for many hours, with Command working like a Windows key, et cetera.

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