Dead Cells' creator's next game is Nuclear Blaze - Eurogamer.net

Dead Cells' creator's next game is Nuclear Blaze - Eurogamer.net

Dec 04, 2022 52 secs

The creator of the acclaimed rogue-like action-platformer, Dead Cells, has revealed their next project: Nuclear Blaze.

Sébastien Bénard's Nuclear Blaze is expected to release on consoles on 28th April, 2023 and will set you back €15/$15 (sorry, I don't have UK specific pricing at the time of writing) for a digital copy, and €30/$30 if you fancy a physical copy on either Switch or PS4.

You'll have to jump over to Red Art Games to pre-order a physical copy, although by doing so, you'll secure a set of three "Exclusive Nuclear Balze enamel pins".

Physical copies also include a booklet including an interview with Bénard and a keychain.

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