Declining Eyesight Could Be Given a Boost by Short Morning Doses of Seeing Red - ScienceAlert
Nov 27, 2021 52 secs
A short burst of red light in the morning has been shown to improve declining eyesight, researchers report, potentially providing a simple, safe, and easy-to-use treatment for keeping our eyes sharper as we head into old age.

This link between long wavelength red light and improving vision matches up with what scientists have seen in previous studies on animals, and the study follows on from a similar one carried out last year – but in this case, the red light was limited to a single, daily exposure that required less red light energy than previously.

"And morning exposure is absolutely key to achieving improvements in declining vision: as we have previously seen in flies, mitochondria have shifting work patterns and do not respond in the same way to light in the afternoon – this study confirms this.".

Follow-up tests on six participants, using red light treatment daily between 12 pm and 1 pm, didn't result in any change in vision – confirming that mitochondria aren't as responsive to deep red light in the same way later on in the day.

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