Defend Your Valor - How to Defeat Valkyrie Queen Gna - God of War Ragnarok Wiki Guide - IGN

Defend Your Valor - How to Defeat Valkyrie Queen Gna - God of War Ragnarok Wiki Guide - IGN

Dec 01, 2022 5 mins, 9 secs

As you defeat these enemies, you may find Lore Scrolls carried by the Aesir, handed out by the Valkyrie Queen Gna - and one of them will mention that she intends to regroup and fortify in a temporary base in Muspelheim.

Before Kratos can inspect the journal, the Valkyrie Queen Gna - commander of Odin's remaining forces - will ambush you, and goad you into battle!

Even more so than the Berserker King Hrolf Kraki, the Valkyrie Queen Gna is by far the toughest encounter in all of God of War Ragnarok - even on easier difficulties.

Though not related to your power level, you'll also want to be sure everything else is fully upgraded with available XP - including a good mix of fast and powerful Runic Attacks (most should focus on single-target or at least fast-acting or staggering), a fully upgraded Relic, Rage, and Companion Weapon and Summon.

For quick striking Runic Attacks we chose Winter's Bite, Hades Retribution, Nemean Crush, alongside the Huldra Charge and Leviathan's Roar for the shielding, and Artillery of the Ancients for interrupting at range.

What might be a standard wide attack the first time can easily become an unblockable jab the next, and you'll need to watch her movement carefully to react the instant you can spot different movements or warnings.

Any attack she lands can deal a ton of damage, and also has not one but two unblockable grabs that can quickly kill you.

While she will gain Runic Armor often, rendering her immune to staggering from Runic Attacks, she is quite susceptible be getting staggered from other hits, and sometimes you may find that being aggressive in pressing your attack can keep her from setting up her next move - as she is much more deadly and unpredictable after backing off than you might think.

If timed well, you can often power through spots where she begins to charge an unblockable hit, or prepares a blue-ring area of effect strike by chaining together moves and Runic Attacks, or keeping her locked in place with Realm Shifts.

Following these comes one of Gna's more painful and annoying attacks - she'll swoop to one side before charging forth to strike in one of two different but equally annoying methods: A straight unblockable jab with her wing tip, or a series of wing attacks followed by a deadly spin.

Because the charge looks pretty identical, it's easy to panic and try to block the jab or sidestep the wing strike and get caught in a combo.

If Gna dashes to your left, she will always charge in for a two-hit (but blockable) wing sweep ending in a rapid spin attack that you need to also block.

If she dashes to your right, she will always end her charge in a jab with her right wing, which you can always sidestep and punish by evading to your right (never left).

Be wary, as she may sometimes opt to follow up her two-wing strike with the unblockable right wing jab anyway, but you'll at least have a bit more time to react, and strafing to you right while blocking can help too.

While not as often, there is a chance Gna will forego the usual dodge to the side before a dash and simply charge at you head on, and will often follow up by conjuring a giant flaming mace for an overhead unblockable strike!

There still is one caveat to remember, as Gna will often immediately chain from her wing spin attack into any number of other moves she has at her disposal - from unblockable glaives to jumping staggering slams.

Because of this, you should only try to fight back against the unblockable jab as there will be a long opening for you, but rarely for her regular wing sweep attacks (which are also difficult to parry).

Until she drops down three times, (yelling each time), do not try to punish the attack, or you'll risk running right into her trap - even if she ends chain early, it's better to play it safe.

The good news is that if you're worried you may not close the distance in time, certain Runic Attacks - especially the Huldra Charge, can not only close the distance but interrupt the attack in the process.

If you have the right arrow lined up, be sure to charge forth to follow up right as Freya stuns them, as it's a great chance to unload some major damage and continue to stagger her with several attacks

Beyond these moves, she can also mix things up with a jumping staggering slam attack (its shockwave will do a ton of damage if you don't parry it as she lands), or a staggering charge attack with her halberd that can strike three times (including a jumping bi-frost finisher) that all have yellow rings and need to be timed perfectly to parry, but wait until her final slam to fire back with your own moves

She gains Runic Armor a lot, and knowing when to unload your Runic Attacks and when to save them can be a big help, as can pressing your attack when you've got her cornered and staggered

For example, you can try dodging the final hit in a combo attack to gain Realm Shift from the Armor of Radiance, then unleash a Runic Attack and trigger the Hilt of Hofud to gain even more time, unleash a combo of hits with a weapon that has a weapon attachment of the Nine Realms, and trigger it once you've built up Permafrost/Maelstrom from your combo, and deal even more damage while still slowed down

With enough practice and maybe a bit of luck that she won't constantly surprise you with unblockable moves when you least expect them, you'll eventually be able to get her health down all the way

You'll also get a neat item, the Rond of Obliteration, which can charge up projectiles to shoot out at your enemies

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