Democrats harness vaccinated Americans' ire at holdouts as a political force
Sep 17, 2021 1 min, 37 secs

Analysts say anger at vaccine resistors helped propel California Gov.

In Virginia, gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is trying to harness the same anger as early voting begins there.

President Biden is helping draw the lines, reversing his promise not to impose vaccine mandates and ordering federal workers and contractors to get the jab and telling the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to come up with rules to impose a mandate on larger companies.

The test will be whether conservatives’ anger over mandates matches the left’s vaccination frenzy.

Anselm College that showed 50% of registered voters supported a vaccination mandate and 47% opposed the idea.

The responses fell largely along partisan lines: 85% of Democrats supported the idea; 80% of Republicans opposed it, and “undeclared” voters were evenly divided.

McAuliffe is betting that voters are more favorable to mandates in Virginia where the current governor, fellow Democrat Ralph Northam, announced last month that he will require universal masking in all K-12 schools to combat the virus.

A Monmouth University poll released this week found that 67% of registered voters in Virginia support the school mask mandate and 58% would approve of requiring children age 12 and older to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend school.

Biden’s push to force people to get the shot, with 63% backing the mandate for health care workers; 58% backing it for federal workers; and 55% supporting it for government contractors.

A majority also supported requiring proof of vaccination to enter an airplane, indoor arenas and workplaces, but less support for doing the same with restaurants and outdoor entertainment venues.

The city requires people 12 and older to show proof of vaccination before they can eat indoors at restaurants.

McAuliffe took things a step further, advocating for expanding vaccine mandates to include students over the age of 12

Youngkin countered that he is a “strong” advocate for vaccines but said it should be left up to individuals — including frontline health care workers — to decide whether or not to get a shot

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