Deshaun Watson plaintiff files suit against Houston Texans - USA TODAY

Deshaun Watson plaintiff files suit against Houston Texans - USA TODAY

Jun 27, 2022 1 min, 1 sec

One of the women who sued Deshaun Watson and accused him of sexual misconduct also has sued Watson’s former NFL team, the Houston Texans, accusing the organization of enabling the quarterback’s behavior in massage sessions.

“The Texans knew or should have known that, despite the vast massage and physical therapy resources available to Watson through the Texans organization, and despite the repeated admonitions to him from the Texans training staff to exclusively use the resources provided, Watson chose instead to find and engage his own 'massage therapy’ women from Instagram, away from the Texans’ facilities,” the new lawsuit states.

The lawsuit also states the Texans removed a potentially explosive internet post that detailed Watson’s behavior with another women during a massage in 2020.

The lawsuit said that the owner of the business that provides massage services to the Texans complained to the Texans that Watson was seeking out unqualified strangers for massages via Instagram

The lawsuit states the owner of that business, Genuine Touch, also was aware of what she described as Watson’s “towel trick” in massage sessions – his insistence on using a small towel rather than the standard draping

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