Deshaun Watson shot down this settlement offer from the NFL that would have suspended him for less than a year - CBS Sports

Deshaun Watson shot down this settlement offer from the NFL that would have suspended him for less than a year - CBS Sports

Deshaun Watson shot down this settlement offer from the NFL that would have suspended him for less than a year - CBS Sports
Aug 04, 2022 1 min, 18 secs

With the NFL now appealing Deshaun Watson's six-game suspension, there's a very real chance that his punishment could get worse in the coming weeks. .

The NFL filing an appeal in a case where the NFL is in charge of the appeal process makes it hard to imagine a scenario where the NFL doesn't add a substantial amount of games to Watson's suspension.

Although the NFL wanted to see Watson suspended for a full year, the league was willing to trim that number down in a settlement.

According to ESPN and Sports Illustrated, the NFL's final settlement offer was this: Watson would be suspended for 12 games and would also be fined $8 million to $10 million. .

If Watson had accepted the 12-game suspension, he could have put all of this behind him, but instead, he might now be hit with an indefinite suspension of at least one year. 

With his six-game suspension currently under appeal, that actually gives the two sides more time to work out a possible settlement, which means Watson might get another chance to make a deal with the NFL. 

According to Yahoo Sports, the NFL absolutely doesn't want to see Watson play the Texans in Week 13 and one way to keep him from doing that would be to suspend him for 12 games (If he got a 12-game suspension, the Texans game would be the final game that he'd have to sit out). 

If there's no settlement and Watson's suspension ends up getting extended by the NFL, there's a very real chance that this case will end up in federal court

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