Destiny 2 Gives Up On New Challenge, Tacitly Admitting There's A Much Bigger Problem - Kotaku

Destiny 2 Gives Up On New Challenge, Tacitly Admitting There's A Much Bigger Problem - Kotaku

Destiny 2 Gives Up On New Challenge, Tacitly Admitting There's A Much Bigger Problem - Kotaku
Sep 22, 2022 1 min, 36 secs

The biggest one yet materialized this week when a new story quest required players to kill 50 champions before they could progress.

Each week, players raid a Fallen pirate ship in Ketchcrash, then complete an expedition to find some treasure, and eventually face off against a new pirate boss to progress the story.

This week, however, players were required to kill 50 champions in addition to completing an expedition.

Bungie’s 50-champion contract awarded bonus progress for playing Ketchcrash on Master difficulty.

Master Ketchcrash is a 1600-power activity, however, and there’s no matchmaking for it.

For understandable reasons, many players don’t meet the Master Ketchcrash requirements and don’t want to have to use a separate app to beg strangers to play with them.

“For the people saying just do master… not everyone can do master loads of people don’t have free time just chill please,” read one of the comments.

The truth is that Master Ketchcrash is a lot of fun, especially this week’s version.

You don’t need some top build from a Destiny 2 influencer to survive, but you do need a thoughtful loadout with some synergies to not be completely useless.

It’s the best time I’ve had in Destiny 2 outside of a raid in a while, and there’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t be more easily accessible to to everyone who plays the game.

Raids are still hard because of their esoteric puzzles and unique boss encounters, but the only thing keeping most new players from at least experimenting with them is the fact that they still don’t support normal matchmaking.

It’s not clear exactly how it all will work, but I’m hopeful we’re nearing a day where anyone can visit Destiny 2’s social hub, send out a request, and then hop into whatever activity they want with the fireteam they need to be able to complete it. 

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