Disgaea 7 details Ranked Battles, more classes - Gematsu

Disgaea 7 details Ranked Battles, more classes - Gematsu

Disgaea 7 details Ranked Battles, more classes - Gematsu
Nov 24, 2022 1 min, 53 secs

Nippon Ichi Software has released new information and screenshots for Disgaea 7 introducing Ranked Battles and even more returning classes.

■ Ranked Battles Appear for the First Time in the Series!

—Heated battles where anything goes, including new skills such as “Dodeka Max” and “Shinuchi Mode.”!

During ranked battles, characters will follow orders according to their “Demonic Intelligence.” Prepare your units’ Demonic Intelligence according to the rule sets and stages.

Using basic Demonic Intelligence such as “Assault,” which aggressively attacks the enemy, or “Heal,” which prioritizes healing allies, are each valid options in competing in ranked battles.

—Ranked battles are artificial intelligence-based battles that utilize your Demonic Intelligence character edits..

You are now ready to partake in ranked battles!

If you succeed in this mode, your team can surely handle themselves in ranked battles as well!

■ Win Grand Prizes by Fighting Through Ranked Battles.

■ Train Your Characters and Learn Their Features and Characteristics to Fight Through Ranked Battles.

Warrior (Male) – Melee Attack Type!

Witch (Female) – Magic Type.

A character who specializes in magic, and can use magic without worrying about SP consumption due to her combination of SP recovery skills and moderation abilities.

Magic consists of special skills that certain characters such as unique characters, Clerics, Witches, and Rune Knight can learn.

(All characters can learn magic by meeting certain criteria.).

Continuing to use magic will hone your skills and allow you to attack enemies from a distance.

Staffs enable you to boost the effect and range of your magic skills.

Professor – Support Type.

A magic using class that can use support and healing magic.

They specialize in support skills, so pairing them up with melee characters is recommended.

Prinny – Monster Type.

Thief (Male) – Support Type (New Character).

Maiko – Support Type (New Character).

A support character who can charm and re-activate allies, and use support items.

She can also strengthen the attack of male allies, so teaming her up with male characters is recommended.

Death Princess – Monster Type (New Character).

A close range melee-type character with high attack and low defense.

Giant Eye – Monster Type (New Character).

This character has many skills that are difficult to use, such as randomizing defensive stats or making a character unable to evade, but has reduced damage.

Enjoy Ranked Battles with Your Own Style.

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