Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Guide: 3 Tips To Master Even The Trickiest Recipes - Kotaku

Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Guide: 3 Tips To Master Even The Trickiest Recipes - Kotaku

Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Guide: 3 Tips To Master Even The Trickiest Recipes - Kotaku
Sep 19, 2022 58 secs

We don’t all have what it takes in the kitchen, but the life simulation game Disney Dreamlight Valley lets everyone take control of their destiny.

The game introduces you to cooking early with Mickey’s “Foodception” quest.

That’s how you can start cooking in Dreamlight, but to make high-powered, expensive meals that will keep you sustained and net you cash if you’re ever short on Star Coins, you need Ratatouille’s cooking rat Remy in your game as soon as possible.

After you prove your cooking worth, Remy will agree to come back to Dreamlight Valley with you.

Idrim notes that three recipes, Futomaki, Grilled Eel, and Strawberry Pie, seem to be “unobtainable” in its early access, but that “the absolute moment that we can either figure out the secret to it, or they actually get added to the game properly, they will be available on the spreadsheet.”.

So, though you won’t yet have a kingdom-wide access to obscure ingredients at the start of your cooking, you can still perform plenty of undemanding recipes to replenish your energy and your bank account?

What are your favorite Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes and tips

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