Do You Actually Need Gigabit Internet? - Review Geek

Do You Actually Need Gigabit Internet? - Review Geek

Do You Actually Need Gigabit Internet? - Review Geek
Aug 13, 2022 2 mins, 0 secs

But does anyone actually need a gigabit connection?

There are also some downsides to consider, and there’s also a chance the speeds you were promised aren’t even the speeds you’re actually going to get.

To put that in relatable terms, you can download an average HD movie in under a minute at those speeds, and something far larger, like a Blu-Ray or 4K movie, can be downloaded in under five minutes. The connection speed advertised usually refers to the download speed — the speed at which your modem receives information.

Upload speeds, or the speed at which your modem can send data out, can be significantly lower.

Standard definition streams only require a connection speed of 4 MB/s or so, while HD streams require eight, and UHD streams can require up to 25 MB/s.

The average internet speed in the US is around 204 MB/s, and a gigabit connection offers around five times that.

So a gigabit connection could also be pretty future-proof if you want to take advantage of new internet services as they emerge.

If you’re in a four-person household, and each member of that household is streaming or playing online games every evening, you’re probably going to need a better internet package to cope with the increased usage.

Some, like Google Home or Alexa, may also need to use a bit of your internet bandwidth.

If you do nothing but browse, you only need to upload a tiny amount of data, so your speeds won’t matter too much.

However, if you need to send large files like videos and images regularly, a slow upload speed could mean hours of your time are wasted?

The average cost of gigabit internet is $73 a month, or around $17 a month more than standard high-speed internet.

If your home network isn’t capable of handling it, it’s going to bottleneck your connection, and most of that extra speed you’re paying for will be wasted.

If you decide to go for gigabit internet, read the contract, make sure the provider is clear about any trial or cancelation periods, and monitor your service during that period to make sure you’re getting the speeds you’re paying for.

However, if you’re living alone and only have a few devices online, you may just be throwing money away if you opt for a faster connection than you actually need.

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