Does Google Think Gen Z Is the Answer to Its Green Text Woes? - Gizmodo

Does Google Think Gen Z Is the Answer to Its Green Text Woes? - Gizmodo

Does Google Think Gen Z Is the Answer to Its Green Text Woes? - Gizmodo
Aug 12, 2022 1 min, 12 secs

Google’s #getthemessage campaign hopes to stoke the flames of millions of bothered Android fans so that Apple might be encouraged to support RCS messaging, the cross-platform standard recently adopted by Google Messages.

It has all the talking points Google wants me to use to remind people that it’s Apple’s fault that I, as an Android user, don’t have access to the full resolution and capabilities afforded by Apple Messages.

Google brings up that, sometimes, group messages get broken because they include a mixture of Apple and Android-using folks, often leading to “social frustration.” It even links to past coverage pointing to evidence that children and teens dread carrying around Android devices for fear of being denoted an uncool Green Bubble.

I have absolutely no emotional connection to these people as an Android user.

I don’t believe these famous-ish people know what my life is like wielding an Android phone and hanging out in Apple land.

But when an Apple user texts an Android device with the default texting application, the message is sent out as an old-school SMS or MMS message, often deprecating the experience of the text on the Android user’s side.

If you have access to RCS on Android Messages and are chatting with another Android user, you already have access to some of these features.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if this campaign fizzles out because Android users have already moved on

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