Does IQ Decline as We Age? One Type of Intelligence Peaks in Your Twenties - ScienceAlert

Does IQ Decline as We Age? One Type of Intelligence Peaks in Your Twenties - ScienceAlert

Does IQ Decline as We Age? One Type of Intelligence Peaks in Your Twenties - ScienceAlert
Sep 22, 2022 59 secs

Many of us are familiar with the idea that as we get older, we become less mentally agile; but is this something that can be measured – does our IQ decrease with age?

Do different types of intelligence decline at different rates?

In order to delve into these questions, Metafact asked five experts in intelligence, behavior sciences and psychology, 'Does IQ decrease with age?'.

IQ tests measure many kinds of intelligence and groups them together.

"Global IQ is an amalgam of different kinds of intelligence, the most popularly studied being fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence which together – along with abilities called working memory and processing speed – are combined to yield global or Full Scale IQ," Kaufman says!

"Fluid intelligence or fluid reasoning reflects the ability to solve novel problems, the kind that aren't taught in school," he explains, "whereas crystallized intelligence or crystallized knowledge measures learning and problem solving that are related to schooling and acculturation."?

These different types of intelligence show different patterns as you get older.

Your individual IQ will not change as you age, but on average our intelligence does decrease with age

Article based on expert answers to this question: Does IQ decrease with age

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