Donald Trump Must Talk to Russia and Syria If He Wants U.S. Out of War, Allies Say
Sep 17, 2020 1 min, 57 secs

For the Syrian Democratic Forces, the largely Kurdish force allied with the Pentagon in the anti-ISIS fight, talk of a speedy U.S.

Stuck between the two, Syrian Democratic Council co-chair Riad Darar tells Newsweek he prefers a political solution involving the latter, but believes that such an outcome "will not be possible without an American signature on it.".

On the ground, however, it's Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's major power partner, Russia, conducting the lion's share of the diplomacy.

"There is no doubt that Moscow can contribute strongly to the search for a political solution with its influence on the regime in Damascus," Darar said.

But the onus, he said, is on Washington to offer its political support in settling the dispute with Damascus, just as the Pentagon offered its military backing in defeating ISIS.

We believe there will be no solution unless America signs it, as it is a great guarantor, even if it leaves Syria to Russia, as we hear from American officials.".

role in Syria, while at the same time noting the establishment of close relations between the semi-autonomous Syrian administration she represents and Russia.

military presence in the absence of any political solution.

and Russia with Turkey, which has patrolled alongside both forces in the region.

This part of Syria, hard-won by Syrian Democratic Forces assaults into enemy territory, has once again become a battleground as Turkey continues to weaponize opposition groups comprising a range of forces including former Islamist militants and ex-CIA-backed rebels.

and bilaterally," Russian embassy in Washington spokesperson Nikolay Lakhonin told Newsweek.

president said he did not regret holding back, however, and Russia still seeks to see Assad's legitimacy restored.

"Moscow supports normalization of ties between Damascus and representatives of Northeastern Syria," Lakhonin said, noting that Moscow hosted a Syrian Democratic Council delegation just late last month.

administration will not hinder potential dialogue between central authorities and Northeastern political entities.".

and Russian forces on the roads of northeastern Syria do not bode well for cooperation.

policy objectives for Syria: "The enduring defeat of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, an irreversible political solution to the Syrian conflict in line with UNSCR 2254, and the removal of all Iranian-supported forces.".

"Russian military forces were in Syria prior to the beginning of the Syrian Conflict in 2011, and thus we do not advocate for the removal of those forces," the spokesperson said

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