Donald Trump's 1776 Commission Reaffirms America's Founding Values
Jan 18, 2021 1 min, 18 secs
President Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission released its final report Monday, fulfilling the president’s request to reaffirm the importance of America’s founding principles in the daily life and education of its citizens.

The report notes while modern Americans are deeply divided about their county’s history, they should revisit and find value in America’s founding principles and documents.

Movements that tackled issues of race, slavery, women’s rights, and the unborn rights, the report notes, have been successful by revisiting America’s founding principles rather than rejecting them in favor of a more subjective progressive value system.

“Indeed, great reforms—like abolition, women’s suffrage, anti-Communism, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Pro-Life Movement—have often come forward that improve our dedication to the principles of the Declaration of Independence under the Constitution,” the report reads.

The report observes how ideological movements that threatened the United States, such as slavery, progressivism, fascism, communism, and the modern focus on racism and identity politics were incompatible with America’s founding principles.

The commission warns the modern education veers away from the deep reverence of America’s founding principles and documents in favor of the pursuit of a changing and manipulating progressive agenda.

Modern education, the report notes, focuses too much on the sins of America’s past in order to manipulate groups within the country.

The report urges a national renewal of education to form American citizens for the future of the country.

The responsibility to defend America’s values against the modern “tyrants,” the report notes, depends on all Americans

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