Dorfromantik's on Switch and I love it more than ever - Eurogamer.net

Dorfromantik's on Switch and I love it more than ever - Eurogamer.net

Dorfromantik's on Switch and I love it more than ever - Eurogamer.net
Oct 01, 2022 2 mins, 31 secs

It's a hex-based tile game about making landscapes.

Quests appear to connect certain amounts of a certain type of landscape, and these quests, once fulfilled, give you more tiles.

Not really, because you've been making a landscape all this time, worrying about the details, and once you're out, the landscape is finished.

Biomes are unlockable prizes that give the landscape a certain colour scheme or vibe.

Dorfromantik is the most Masefield game of all time when you're playing with Midwinter.

You hover above the landscape, above the woods and fields and little copses.

But also, because you're freed of the antic speed of the mouse when it comes to placing tiles, Dorfromantik feels much more like a physical board game on Switch.

This in turn makes the whole thing feel more magical, because when trains appear with little smoke on the tracks of this physical board game, it all feels possessed by brilliant wintry spellcraft.

It's the fact that this is a tactics game - you can have tactics in how you approach it, so that makes it a tactics game to me - that is exciting and interesting and engrossing at every stage of the game itself.

This is something I've spoken about with a lot of puzzle, tactics, and strategy game designers over the years.

Take a 4X - okay, strategy rather than tactics, but the point holds.

And yet I know people who love those two and find the first parts of the game a drag.

Dorfromantik, however, has me from the first tile to the last.

And it's because the choices you're making with each placement remain interesting.

I think this is because they are a balance of aesthetic and tactical choices in the first place, and as the game expands, that balance may shift, but the parts of it - aesthetic and tactical - remain, just in different quantities.

But twenty minutes in, I'm struggling against my existing tile placements as I try to keep the flow of tiles going.

I was playing the game this morning and coming to the end, and I'd bodged things badly - three different quests had created a bottleneck on a single missing tile space, and that tile would need train tracks, forest, and a river in order to fit.

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