Eat this, exercise now; new personalized software predicts and helps prevents blood sugar spikes
Feb 23, 2021 1 min, 53 secs
Not everyone has Type 2 diabetes, the disease that causes chronically high blood sugar levels, but many do.

(Earlier investors include Jerry Yang’s Ame Cloud Ventures, SignalFire, YouTube cofounder Steve Chen, and Sunshine cofounder Marissa Mayer, among others.) Says Felicis founder Aydin Senkut, “While other companies have made headway in understanding biometric sensor data—from heart rate and glucose monitors, for example—January AI has made progress in analyzing and predicting the effects of food consumption itself [which is] key to addressing chronic disease.”.

NH: We’ve built a multiomic platform where we take data from different sources and predict people’s glycemic response, allowing them to consider their choices before they make them.

[The idea is to] predict for [customers] what their glycemic response is going to be to any food in our database after just four days of training.

They don’t actually have to eat the food to know whether they should eat it or not; our product tells them what their response is going to be.

TC: So glucose monitoring existed previously, but this is predictive?

We can predict, for example, how long you’d have to walk after eating any food in our database in order to keep your blood sugar at the right level.

If you’re thinking about fried chicken and a shake, we can tell you: you’re going to have to walk 46 minutes afterward to maintain a healthy [blood sugar] range?

But we are also offering a year-long subscription soon because we do know that people slip sometimes [only to be reminded] later that these boosters are very valuable.

TC: Are you doing anything else with this massive food database that you’ve aggregated and that you’re enriching with your own data? .

TC: You mentioned that rice can cause someone’s blood sugar to soar, which is surprising.

NH: The way people’s glycemic response is so different, not just between by Connie and Mike, but also for Connie and Connie.

If you eat nine days in a row, your glycemic response could be different each of those nine days because of how much you slept or how much thinking you did the day before or how much fiber was in your body and whether you ate before bedtime.

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