Elon Musk mocks President Biden after SpaceX completes first all-civilian mission - CNBC
Sep 19, 2021 51 secs

After SpaceX completed a historic, private spaceflight on Saturday, CEO Elon Musk took a pot shot at President Joe Biden who had yet to remark on the company's and the civilian flight crew's accomplishments.

Top NASA officials have congratulated Musk and SpaceX on the Inspiration4 mission.

This marked the first private SpaceX spaceflight, with a non-professional crew.

Although Musk recently stated that he "would prefer to stay out of politics," his quip on Sunday indicated a willingness to needle the Democratic president and repeat a right-wing taunt about Biden.

He said in an e-mailed statement at the time, "Good luck to Biden in dealing with President Putin— don't fall asleep during the meeting, and please give him my warmest regards!".

In addition to his responsibilities at SpaceX, Musk is concurrently the CEO of electric vehicle makers Tesla.

In that capacity, he recently bemoaned a Biden administration proposal that would allocate an extra $4,500 in incentives to buyers of certain, new electric light-duty passenger vehicles?

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