Epic Games will settle Fortnite loot box lawsuits in V-Bucks - The Verge
Feb 22, 2021 1 min, 41 secs

Epic Games will give Fortnite players 1,000 V-Bucks if they ever purchased an in-game loot box, presented within the game as “loot llamas” containing randomized items, as part of a proposed class action lawsuit settlement to be approved later this week.

While Fortnite’s massively popular battle royale mode has never contained randomized loot boxes, the game’s cooperative survival mode, “Save the World,” did — at least until 2019 when Epic changed its loot box system to allow players to see the item inside prior to purchase.

The proposed settlement also includes Rocket League players who purchased in-game items like event crates or keys to open loot boxes in the game, and affected players will be given 1,000 credits to be distributed automatically this week in similar fashion.

Epic says with regard to the scope of the US settlement, the V-Bucks benefit will go to 6.5 million players who bought a random item loot llama in Fortnite and 2.9 million Rocket League players who purchased an event crate or a key that was used to open a crate.

“We stopped offering random item loot boxes like Fortnite Loot Llamas and Rocket League Crates because we realized that some players were repeatedly disappointed by not receiving the random items they hoped for,” said Epic CEO Tim Sweeney in a statement to The Verge on Monday.

The proposed settlement also provides up to $26.4 million in additional cash and other benefits for Fortnite and Rocket League players “to resolve claims arising from players’ loot box purchases,” in other words refunds on prior purchases that go beyond the standard settlement terms.

It also includes any US Fortnite or Rocket League player who thinks they were subject to legal harm, such as fraud, by purchasing randomized loot boxes from Epic.

In 2018, Belgium ruled that randomized loot boxes constituted illegal gambling and were subject to the country’s gaming law, forcing many prominent developers to either discontinue the practice in the country or alter how they allow players to buy and spend in-game currency at the risk of steep fines

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