Epic's tool for creating human faces is out in early access now - Rock Paper Shotgun
Apr 15, 2021 45 secs
A few weeks ago Epic showed off MetaHuman Creator, a new development tool designed to make it easier to create believable human faces. Now you can sign-up to get an early access version of it, meaning you can try it out if you're i) a game developer interested in the future of character design or ii) a curious onlooker wondering whether you can use it to recreate the Gigaknight.

In a news post, Epic explained that, since the tool is cloud-based, they're letting people in slowly over the course of a few days.

Epic released a couple of sample MetaHumans last month, but if you want to jump straight to using the characters in your game, there are now "50 ready-made MetaHumans for you to download and use your in your projects." There's also documentation explaining how to get started with the tool, and how to bring the characters into the Unreal Engine.

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