Every blue eyed person on Earth is a descendant of one single person, scientists find - LADbible

Every blue eyed person on Earth is a descendant of one single person, scientists find - LADbible

Every blue eyed person on Earth is a descendant of one single person, scientists find - LADbible
Oct 04, 2022 44 secs

From the little we learned during our Additional Science GCSE, we know that blue eyes are a recessive gene, meaning that you need to have two of them for the colour to become apparent.

However, it turns out that the genetic mutation that results in blue eyes is from an entirely different gene called HERC2, which completely turns off the OCA2, and 'dilutes' brown into blue.

Author of the study, Professor Hans Eiberg from the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, told Science Daily: "Meanwhile, people who have green eyes can be explained by the fact they have a reduced amount of melanin in the iris, which is very different to those with blue eyes."

So, there you have it - blue-eyed people share an ancestor, and our green eyes are reduced melanin in our iris, which is way more than we ever learned in Science class

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