FBI says law enforcement shot and wounded suspect outside CIA headquarters after hours-long standoff - CNN
May 04, 2021 47 secs
An individual involved in a security incident outside Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters in McLean, VA, emerged from his vehicle with a weapon and was engaged by law enforcement officers," a statement from the field office said.

The suspect, the statement continued, "was wounded and has been transported to a hospital for medical attention."

The suspect initially drove up to the CIA's gates late Monday morning and made statements suggesting there was a bomb in their vehicle, according to a law enforcement official and another source familiar with the incident.

A CIA spokesman had described the scene as a "security situation" in a statement to CNN earlier Monday.

"Our compound remains secured, and our Security Protective Officers working the incident are the only Agency personnel directly involved," that statement said.

The CIA's headquarters has boasted especially stringent security since a high-profile incident in 1993, when a man shot and killed two agency employees and injured three others leaving the Langley compound.

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