For a healthy heart, sleeping 6 to 7 hours each night is best - Study Finds
May 05, 2021 1 min, 27 secs
New research now shows that sleeping six to seven hours a night also reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

The results are consistent with the idea that sleeping around seven hours a night is optimal.

“Based on our data, sleeping six to seven hours a night is associated with more favorable heart health.”.

The overall average ASCVD risk was 3.5 percent, with the lowest among those having six to seven hours sleep a night.

“ASCVD risk score was, however, the same in those who sleep six to seven hours versus more than seven hours,” says Gupta.

It may not adequately capture elevated risk in this subgroup, with results perhaps stronger for those sleeping less than six hours a night, he adds.

“Participants who sleep less or more than six to seven hours have higher ASCVD risk scores, which is likely driven by heightened inflammation as measured by CRP, which was found to be higher among those who had less or more sleep,” says Gupta.

Gupta says the individuals were limited to choosing hour blocks — such as six, seven or eight hours — when noting sleep time.

The findings conflict with messaging from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which recommends adults log at least seven hours of sleep each night “for the best health and wellbeing.” They find that adults who don’t meet this standard are more likely to report 10 chronic health conditions compared to those who do.

Similarly, the National Sleep Foundation and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommend most adults get seven to nine hours or seven or more hours of sleep a night, respectively.

Previous studies suggest sleeping less than five hours a night — or more than eight — is harmful to heart health

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