Forget vitamins: Fauci's 3 top tips to keep your immune system strong - Business Insider - Business Insider
Sep 17, 2020 1 min, 16 secs
Anthony Fauci is, at this point in the pandemic, getting used to having his words twisted around into things he never really said.

"If people want to take a gram or so of vitamin C, that would be fine," he said at the time. .

"I had made it very clear when people asked about what vitamins I take, and I try to explain it," Fauci said.

"Sometimes people when they don't get out in the sun a lot, they're deficient in vitamin D — so my vitamin D level was generally low," Fauci said.

"I started taking vitamin D supplements, and now my vitamin D level is normal.".

"There is good evidence that if you have a low vitamin D level, that you have more of a propensity to get infected when there are infections around," Fauci said.

"When you talk about the multiple multivitamins and the herbs and the things that people do to so-called boost immunity, that really doesn't boost immunity and may have a better placebo effect than anything else," Fauci said. .

But the amount that Fauci suggests (1,000 milligrams) is a little high for most people — especially if you're eating some fruits and veggies every day and not just having pizza for lunch

"If you really want to keep your immune system working optimally, there are things that you do that are normal things," Fauci said

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