Fox commentator melts down over vaccinations — saying she's going to be sent to a concentration 'camp' - msnNOW

Fox commentator melts down over vaccinations — saying she's going to be sent to a concentration 'camp' - msnNOW

Fox commentator melts down over vaccinations — saying she's going to be sent to a concentration 'camp' - msnNOW
Nov 28, 2022 3 mins, 53 secs

It identified the major menace against kids as ...drag queen storytimes.

And so it launched a Drag Queen Alert System.

Whenever and wherever Texans hear there's a drag queen event near them, they can fill out the online form on the website of the Texas Family Project's partner, Defend Our Kids Texas.

Gonzales announced this new venture on Tucker Carlson's show where she shared a video of a Plano, Texas drag brunch, where a drag queen in a prim dress covered with drawings of kittens flashed her granny panties.

Gonzales told Carlson that drag queen story hour was a "sinister attempt by the left (that wants) this radical country?

With that information, the drag brunch seems more indicative of parents who wouldn't shell out for a babysitter than indoctrination.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Gonzales went to the artsy university town of Denton, Texas.

She was alerted to a drag queen story at Patchouli Joe's bookstore.

also came to Denton and posted videos online ranting about the "drag queen storytime.".

There was no drag queen storyteller.

"Amber was born a woman and she's never performed in drag," Patchouli owner Joe Mayes told Raw Story by phone.

Denton's public library has hosted drag queen story hours, but canceled them after receiving violent threats.

And he told Raw Story that a Denton eatery that hosted a drag queen story hour last year (books included an allegory about a red crayon that draws in blue) lost its investors and was forced to close.

In addition to Gonzales, another organization, Protect Texas Kids, had its own LGBT alerts.

The Mayes and their staff had no idea who Gonzales and Stein were!

But Gonzales and Stein both kept ranting about the two guards being antifa.

In their videos, Gonzales and Stein react as if the guards were there to intimidate them although the guards don't react to either.

Author Michelle Tea launched Drag show story time in 2015 in San Francisco.

Stein and Gonzales wasted an opportunity to use their intellects and communication networks to offer ideas about how to teach children that differences don't have to signal evil or danger.

Meanwhile, the conservative Daily Caller reported that the video prompted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to view the drag queen buffet video and declare the legislature would “protect Texas kids by prosecuting these types of totally inappropriate acts.”.

Meanwhile, Trump, welcomed the antisemites into his home?

West has since disputed the account, saying that during their meeting Trump raved about Nick Fuentes, even going so far as to say, "he gets me." An ally of West's then blasted the former president, saying that it's clear 'Trump World' is in trouble?

Earlier in the week, Swalwell noted that the main reason Mccarthy can't denounce Trump is if he did he would have to denounce Rep.

Speaking about the issue with MSNBC on Sunday, former Watergate assistant special counsel, Jill Wine-Banks said that all of the talk about Fuentes is losing the piece of the story that Trump may pretend like he doesn't know him, but he knows Kanye and knows his anti-semitism.

"In the context of a Republican primary, Donald Trump seems to get away with everything.

Substitute host Sam Stein agreed about Republicans giving Trump a pass for meeting with the artist formally known as Kanye.

When it comes to McCarthy, however, Stein said that in one breath, he's attacking Omar while in another he's letting Republicans get away with palling around with Nazis and refusing to condemn it.

The very existence of the new special counsel has sent Donald Trump into a posting fury of rants and videos on his personal social media website

According to MSNBC legal analyst and law school professor Joyce White Vance, the incoming special counsel already has the information necessary to indict Trump, and folks should remain patient and calm

"And although we are increasingly impatient as a country to see the former president held accountable, really, we should all take a deep breath and think about why we, too, should give the special counsel the time he needs to do his job properly

We do not want to become the country of screaming people that we saw at Trump rallies, shouting 'lock him up' whenever we don't like something that one of our people on the other side of the political aisle does something that we don't like."

"With all of that said, I agree that we have a special counsel here who is well qualified to evaluate the evidence and do the job that has eluded so many people, determining whether the former president should be indicted," she continued

Republicans have already pledged to "defund" the special counsel

Vance special counsel

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