Oct 25, 2021 46 secs
GameStop is doing yet another restock on PS5 consoles, though only in select US cities.

Luckily, fans will soon have another chance to get a PS5 console from GameStop, though it will depend on their location as the consoles are only coming to select cities.

On October 29, GameStop will be running an in-store PS5 bundle event in select US cities, giving fans another chance to pick up one of the consoles.

Fans will most almost certainly also have to get the console, a game or two, or perhaps an additional accessory.

While it’s an inconvenience to have to travel to a physical location for a console, it’s one of the most reliable ways to get one.

PlayStation Direct is still the most reliable way to get a PS5 console, but this is definitely a good alternative for those that haven’t managed to get an email through that method yet

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