General Pervez Musharraf obituary - The Guardian

General Pervez Musharraf obituary - The Guardian

General Pervez Musharraf obituary - The Guardian
Feb 05, 2023 1 min, 27 secs

But later he won praise for his bold attempt in 2006 to reach a settlement with India over Kashmir that would have allowed free movement and made the border separating areas under Indian and Pakistani control in the state redundant.

Born into a lower-middle-class family in Delhi to Zarin, a typist and teacher, and Syed Musharrafuddin, who later served as a middle-ranking officer in Pakistan’s foreign service, Musharraf recalled his earliest memories were of the killing and displacement of thousands of Muslims following the partition of the Indian subcontinent when independence came in 1947.

Galvanised by his experience on the front, the following year he gained entry to the army’s premier commando outfit, the Special Service Group, which led to an enduring self-image as, in his own words, a dada geer, or “tough guy you don’t mess with”.

Although he had sought to formalise his position as president through a referendum in 2002, and had won the endorsement of a questionably elected parliament in 2004, his decision to retain the post of army chief united his critics across the political spectrum.

Liberals, who once favoured him as the country’s best bet against creeping Talibanisation, abandoned him in droves, outraged by his efforts to dismiss the chief justice of the supreme court, who had stood up against his authority, leading to lawyers’ protests and their 2007 “long march”.

After returning to exile in Dubai in 2016, Musharraf, who was declared a fugitive from justice, was said to be suffering from poor health brought on by a rare condition affecting his nervous system, although critics accused him of having manufactured his “life-threatening” ailments to avoid appearing in court to face charges of high treason – for which he was sentenced to death in absentia in December 2019.

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