Genshin Impact’s Sumeru Update Arrives Right As I Hit Live-Service Burnout - Kotaku

Genshin Impact’s Sumeru Update Arrives Right As I Hit Live-Service Burnout - Kotaku

Genshin Impact’s Sumeru Update Arrives Right As I Hit Live-Service Burnout - Kotaku
Aug 15, 2022 52 secs

The summer event felt bloated with lackluster puzzles.

This patch will add the Sumeru region, new Dendro element characters such as Collei and Tighnari, and quality-of-life updates that promise to make farming, fishing, and cooking less grindy.

For the most part, the game has rewarded that faith with well-written characters and memorable adventures, so I’d feel less ambivalent about how close HoYoverse is holding its cards to its chest if Genshin’s recent event, Summer Fantasia, hadn’t been so lackluster.

Instead of giving us world-specific lore or character quests that truly feel revelatory, I felt I was shuttled around some generic-looking islands to complete uninspired puzzles (The only exception being Fischl’s raven castle. Those looking-glass puzzles were extremely good).

And Summer Fantasia suffered from the same issue as the Irodori Festival: The event tried to focus on too many characters.

For the past several months, we got content that felt bloated for the sake of padding out the schedule until 3.0.

Depending on your timezone, the Sumeru update will be released on August 23 or 24

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