Germany election ends in narrow victory, two parties claim 'clear mandate' to form coalition - Fox News
Sep 27, 2021 53 secs

Germany's election ended in a narrow victory, with two parties believing they have the right to form a new government after both fell short of a majority?

The left-leaning Social Democratic Party (SPD) won the most seats and will begin negotiations to form a coalition government, with the Green or the Liberal Democrat parties as the front-runners. .

SPD Leader Olaf Scholz said he has a "clear mandate" to form a government, but his rival Armin Laschet insisted he will be the one to form a coalition government instead, the BBC reported. .

"It’s quite clear that we’ve got the mandate to form a government with the parties that saw their shares of the vote rise in this election – the SPD, the Greens and the FDP," Scholz told party supporters in Berlin

The Green Party won around 118 seats and the Free Democrats (FDP) won 92 seats, leaving them in pole position for the coalition deal

"We’ve got a clear mandate and we’ll try to form a government under conservative leadership," Laschet said late on Sunday

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