Google defends the Android 12 ‘Internet’ QS panel, details future Pixel Feature Drop tweak - 9to5Google
Oct 26, 2021 1 min, 5 secs

In a community/forum post this afternoon, Google says its goal in combining Wi-Fi and Mobile Data settings is to “introduce a simpler and more intuitive connectivity experience for Pixel users.” The main defense being offered is that people forget to re-enable Wi-Fi after disabling it, and that putting all related controls in one bottom sheet/panel counteracts that. .

From our user studies, we found that the majority of users turn off Wi-Fi in order to force their phone to connect to cellular.

Users who turn off Wi-Fi will often forget to turn Wi-Fi back on again, resulting in possible excess mobile data usage.

With the changes we’re making, users who have Wi-Fi connection issues can simply switch over to using their carrier with two quick taps.

Google adds that users eventually prefer Android 12’s Internet Panel after extended usage: .

In our user research studies, long-time Android users acknowledged that the change took some time to get used to, but once they did, they found the Panel to be a more intuitive and straightforward way for users to solve their Wi-Fi connectivity issues, while reducing user error and unintended consequences. .

In the future, a user can turn off Wi-Fi and Mobile Data without first having to unlock their device, which is required today

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