Google Finally Adds App Privacy Labels to Gmail App - MacRumors
Feb 22, 2021 57 secs
Google today quietly added App Privacy labels to its Gmail app, marking the first of its major apps to receive the privacy details aside from YouTube.

Google said in early January that it would add privacy data to its app catalog "this week or next week," but by January 20, most apps still had not been updated with the App Privacy.

Google has since been adding App Privacy labels to apps like YouTube and some of its smaller apps, but of major apps like Google Search, Google Photos, and Google Maps, Gmail is the first to get the new labeling.

There is nothing hugely unexpected in the Gmail App Privacy data, with Google listing location, user ID, and usage data as information that's shared with third-party advertisers.Purchases, location, contact info, user content, search history, identifiers, and usage data are used for analytics purposes, product personalization, and app functionality.

Now that Gmail has App Privacy labels in place, we may soon see the information made available for other Google apps, and Google may resume the regular updates that were offered for iOS apps prior to when Apple implemented the new rules!

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