Google Meet will soon let you play Spotify, YouTube, UNO, more on Android - 9to5Google

Google Meet will soon let you play Spotify, YouTube, UNO, more on Android - 9to5Google

Aug 04, 2022 1 min, 13 secs

The latest update to Google Meet paves the way to do more than just get work done in video meetings, with support for YouTube, Spotify, UNO, and more.

But in the coming weeks/months, Google Meet is going to be replacing Duo to become the company’s primary app for video calling and conferencing.

In the meantime, Google Meet is continuing to add new features which should be seamlessly carried over to its new home within the app we currently call “Duo” — yes, it can be a bit confusing!

One such in-progress feature, spotted today in the latest update (version 2022.07.24, rolling out now via the Play Store), will help make Google Meet more of a fun place to hang out — a “Hangout Meet,” if you will.

These include business-ready options like GQueues to-do lists, delightful games like UNO and Kahoot, and streaming apps like YouTube.

Each of the apps even has an icon inside Google Meet.

Rather than introducing these apps/games directly into the video call, Google Meet is integrating with the Android app for each.

When you decide to use live sharing, Google will “take your call to a third-party app,” and make sure your group sticks together.

For games like UNO!, Google Meet will likely create a new lobby and anyone who wants to join can do so with a single tap; it’s not clear how Google Meet will keep media apps like YouTube and Spotify in sync across call participants

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