Google Pixel 4A and 4A XL rumors: These are the most compelling ones so far - CNET
May 22, 2020 1 min, 28 secs

In May of last year, Google launched the Pixel 3A and 3A XL.

It wouldn't be surprising if Google kept the same pricing model this year for its Pixel 4A phones.

Google could use the same event to announce the Pixel 4A, like it did last year for the Pixel 3A and Google I/O 2019 (more on this possible launch date below).

This would make sense since last year, the Pixel 3A ran Android 9, which was publicly released in 2018, despite the third beta version of Android 10 being announced the same day as the Pixel 3A at I/O. .

If Google keeps to the same month at the very least, we can estimate that the Pixel 4A will be announced some time in May.

Given that Google said it will announce Android 11 at an online event on June 3, however, it could also mean that the phone will be unveiled then.

There's no way of knowing what the Pixel 4A officially looks like at this point, but rendered images of the device from Indian tech website 91Mobiles show the phone with a hole-punch camera and a headphone jack?

But because more and more phones don't have the audio port, including the Pixel 4, Google could go either way with keeping it or leaving it off on the Pixel 4A.

One of the most compelling things about the Pixel 3A was that it had the same excellent camera as the Pixel 3, and it would make sense for Google to pack the Pixel 4A with the same camera hardware as the Pixel 4.

Last year, it didn't carry over the second wide-angle front-facing camera that was on the Pixel 3 to the Pixel 3A, and it debuted a time-lapse video mode on the Pixel 3A that was new to Pixel phones.

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