Google Pixel 7 Pro benchmark points to CPU and GPU specs of Tensor G2 - 9to5Google

Google Pixel 7 Pro benchmark points to CPU and GPU specs of Tensor G2 - 9to5Google

Google Pixel 7 Pro benchmark points to CPU and GPU specs of Tensor G2 - 9to5Google
Sep 17, 2022 1 min, 23 secs

A new benchmark has surfaced that gives us a better idea of the Pixel 7 Pro’s specs, particularly the improvements of the CPU and GPU in the Google Tensor G2 chip.

After making a strong debut in the Pixel 6 series, albeit one that has since lagged behind the competition over the last year, many have been wondering where Google will take the Tensor line next.

Thanks to some expert digging by Android developer Kuba Wojciechowski on Twitter, we now have strong evidence of what the Pixel 7 Pro and its Tensor G2 chip will bring to the table, performance-wise.

Digging into the details, it looks like Google has not changed much about the CPU cores used between last year’s Tensor and this year’s Tensor G2.

Those slightly boosted speeds combined with the smaller 4nm die size being used appear to improve the Tensor G2 and Pixel 7 Pro multi-core benchmark by about 10%.

However, where the Pixel 7 Pro’s Tensor G2 specs do get a significant boost is in its GPU, which switches from the Mali-G78 to the Mali-G710.

On that note, there are also signs that Google intends to include a next generation of its Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) — codenamed “Janeiro” — in the Tensor G2, which should offer another boost to the Pixel 7 series.

All in all, it looks like the Tensor G2 may not make the Pixel 7 Pro an incredibly exciting update in terms of specs for owners of the Pixel 6 series, but the iterative upgrades could make for a more consistent experience

For those waiting on Google to get things “figured out” with its fledgling Tensor series of chips, this may be exactly what you were looking for

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