Google sends out new round of invites to join ‘Pixel Superfans’ community - 9to5Google
Jul 31, 2021 56 secs

According to an email we’ve seen, the invite to join Google’s Pixel Superfans community was sent out via the usual [email protected] address used for marketing new products and quarterly Feature Drops, as well as the “welcome to your new Pixel [model]” introduction with tips after setting up a phone.

The message touts “access to special Google events.” One recent event, according to social media posts from people there, was a tour of Google Store Chelsea a day before it opened.  Meanwhile, the company hosted a “special Pixel event” in Mountain View the day after Made by Google 2019 where people got a hands-on opportunity and chance to “meet the people behind it.” .

“Perks” are also touted with Superfans last year getting deconstructed Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, and 5 prints as a holiday gift.

Besides Pixel phones and Buds, options include Nest Smart Displays and Home speakers, as well as Chromecast, Google/Nest Wifi, and Stadia. .

The criteria for joining is unclear and could be based on how many Pixel phones you’ve owned.

The Pixel is the smaller of two smartphones designed, created, and sold by Google

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