Google wants people to use Meet with its own Meet-y hardware bundles - Android Police
Sep 15, 2020 51 secs

The company's design intent looks not to the current environment where everyone is appearing at meetings in their pajamas, but one where parts of the workforce are cycled into the office and group meetings are held in large rooms with socially-distanced participants.

Google's Series One hardware comes in kits sized for small, medium, and large rooms.

All sizes include a Meet AI-computing unit running Chrome OS — stocked with an Intel Core i7 processor and Google Edge TPUs — that automatically controls the image crop for a wide-angle camera provided by Huddly (1080p for small and medium, 4K for large), and a Smart Audio Bar with Tensor processors to deliver TrueVoice noise cancelation and clarity.

The small kit gets a remote control while medium and large ones are equipped with a 10.1" touchscreen unit from Mimo Monitors.

Mic Pods — of which the medium kit gets one, the large two — for extended aural reach to individual participants.

Prices start at $2,699 for the small room kit, $2,999 for the medium, and $3,999 for the large.

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