Gotham Knights: Designing Mr. Freeze, and Giving Him a Gang to Play With - IGN First - IGN

Gotham Knights: Designing Mr. Freeze, and Giving Him a Gang to Play With - IGN First - IGN

Aug 09, 2022 1 min, 53 secs

The key thing to know about Gotham Knights’ factions is that they aren’t just henchmen for a named villain.

The Regulators are an existing gang in this version of Gotham, a group of tech-enhanced ne’er-do-wells who steal advanced goods, traffic organs and augment their own power with their ill-gotten gains.

In effect, Freeze hires the Regulators for portions of his storyline, they don’t just flock to his cause.

It led to a very interesting design challenge for Gotham Knights’ art team – how do you design a villain and a gang that feel like they could work together, but don’t necessarily always do so?

“When we get a villain like Mr.

Freeze, I mean the guy's got so much history, it's a challenge for our team when we get it,” explains character art director, Jay Evans.

The key for the design team was in creating someone whose advanced technology was still rooted in reality.

Brilliantly, to help build advanced tech that felt in some way realistic, the art team… used some advanced tech to help make that happen.

“What makes it awesome is when you're designing a weapon or a piece of a character, just having that there in real life floating in front of you at the correct scale, it just really helps the artists.

Using VR helped the team get a sense of not just how Mr.

But we elevated the tech level a little bit, and we want to bring our own flavor into his design.

So the Regulators are grabbing technology from the most futuristic or the most advanced places in Gotham – maybe it's STAR Labs or something.

The Regulators can be found all over Gotham under normal circumstances, but you’ll stumble on Freeze-aligned pockets of them, too, presumably working under the supervillain’s direction

Later in Freeze’s optional villain arc, it will seemingly be the Regulators that help him to ice over the top of Elliot Centre for a boss battle (which we saw in some 2020 footage of the game)

They make for a natural team, but one that feels more rooted in business than devotion – a part of Gotham Knights’ more grounded take on the legendary comic book city

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